Filmtracks: The Best of British Film Music

11Etude [From the Killing Fields]  
12The Honorary Consul  
13Main Title [From Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence]  
14Main Title [From Chariots of Fire]  
15Going Home [From Local Hero]  
16Another Brick in the Wall  
17Message & Main Theme [from The Company of Wolves  
18Main Theme [From Another Country]  
19The Bostonians [From the Bostonians]  
110Would You Dance with a Stranger  
111The Chain [From the Chain]  
212Main Theme [From the Champions]  
213The Bicycle Ride [From A Passage to India]  
214To the Monastery (End Titles) [From Heat and Dust]  
215Main Title [From Another Time, Another Place]  
216The Dream (Main Title) [From the Return of the Soldier]  
217For All Mankind [From Gandhi]  
218The Long Road [From Cal]  
219Joy [From Comfort & Joy]  
220Main Theme [From Gregory's Girl]  
221Freedom [From Water]  
222Always Look on the Bright Side of Life [From the Life of Brian]