Class of '06 Mixtape

1The Takeover  
2The Movement  
3Hollywood [Exclusive]  
4Cut That Out [Exclusive]  
5Do What We Do [Exclusive]  
6Corners [Back II Basics Remix]  
7They Say [Exclusive][Mix]  
8She Don't Have to Know  
9Do the Math Freestyle  
10Gettin out of My Dreams Freestyle  
12Laid Back [Exclusive]  
13Get Em High [J. Period Remix]  
14Get Em High [J. Period Remix]  
16Hold On [RMX]  
18The Good, The Bad, The Ugly [Exclusive]  
19Sunshine/6th Sense [J. Period Remix]  
20On My J.O. with Beats by Kanye-O (Interlude)  
21Wack N****z  
22Jesus Walks [Remix]  
23My Way Home  
24My Way Home  
25Drive Slow  
26Chi State of Mind [Exclusive]  
27Clap Yo Hands [Exclusive]  
28Stay Fly (From the Chi) Freestyle  
29Kryptonite Freestyle  
30Complex Magazine (Interlude)  
31Star Warz [Exclusive]  
32Liftoff (Interlude)  
34[Untitled] [*]