NRJ Summer Hits Only 2008

11American Boy [No Rap Version]4:05 
12Love in This Club [Clean No Rap]3:44 
13Rayon de Soleil3:36 
14No Stress3:20 
15Assis Par Terre3:35 
16Dis Moi2:23 
17C'est Chelou [Version Radio]3:26 
19With You4:14 
110I'll Be Waiting4:16 
111C'est La Vie [Radio Edit]3:23 
112One Desire [Mondotek Edit Mix]2:46 
113Nine in the Afternoon2:33 
114Tomorrow Can Wait3:09 
115Allô le Monde [Version Radio]3:38 
116Seven Nation Army [Radio Edit]3:26 
117Take You There3:56 
118Our Time Now2:49 
119They Talk Sh#t About Me3:24 
120Your Love Is a Lie3:42 
221Violet Hill [Album Version]3:47 
222Zouglou Dance3:03 
223Underneath [Album Version]4:07 
224Femme d'Aujourd'hui [Radio Edit]3:19 
225Run the Show [No Rap]3:14 
226Leçons Particulières3:11 
227Shadow of the Day4:50 
228Beacuse the Night2:56 
229The Rhythm of the Night [Radio Edit]3:21 
230Hold That Sucker Down3:49 
231Tant Besoin de Toi3:38 
232Cry for You [UK Radio Edit]2:43 
234Now You're Gone2:26 
235Les Voisines3:34 
236Chasing Pavements3:29 
237Je Veux Te Voir3:11 
238Comme un Hic3:11 
239Superstar [Radio Edit]3:58 
240Pull Over [Dabruck & Klein Radio Edit]3:21 
241Belle Demoiselle3:28 
342No Stress [DVD][*]  
343Rayon de Soleil [DVD][*]  
344Dis Moi [DVD][*]  
345Nine in the Afternoon [DVD][*]  
346Assis Par Terre [DVD][*]  
347Shadow of the Day [DVD][*]  
348C'est Chelou [DVD][*]  
349With You [DVD][*]  
350Seven Nation Army [DVD][*]  
351Imparfaits [DVD][*]  
352One Desire [DVD][*]  
353The Rhythm of the Night [DVD][*]  
354Les Voisines [DVD][*]  
355Hold That Sucker Down [DVD][*]  
356Take You There [DVD][*]  
357Now You're Gone [DVD][*]  
358Comme un Hic [DVD][*]  
359What Hurts the Most [DVD][*]  
360Belle Demoiselle [DVD][*]  
361Your Love Is a Lie [DVD][*]