Hot Hits Monthly March 2009: Country

1Nothin' to Die For [Bb][Take]4:17 
2Telluride [Eb][Take]4:05 
3Fearless [Performance Track]4:15 
4Another You [Performance Track]3:59 
5That's How It Still Oughta Be [Eb][Take]3:32 
6Sing [Eb][Take]5:10 
7God Must Really Love Me [Bb][Take]4:01 
8Brothers [Performance Track]4:25 
9Nothin' to Die For [Guide Vocal]4:17 
10Telluride [Eb][Take]4:05 
11Fearless [Guide Vocal]4:15 
12Another You [Guide Vocal]3:59 
13That's How It Still Oughta Be [Guide Vocal]3:32 
14Sing [Eb][Take]5:10 
15God Must Really Love Me [Bb][Take]4:01 
16Brothers [Eb][Take]4:23