Chartbuster Karaoke: Hot Hits Monthly Country, August 2009, Vol. 2

1Indian Summer [Version]4:18 
2Bonfire [Dm][Version]3:14 
3I Was Here [C][Version]3:53 
4Big Green Tractor [Version]3:32 
5Living For The Night [Db][Version]3:48 
6The Best Day [C#][Version]4:18 
7Rockin' The Beer Gut [Version]3:20 
8Long Line of Losers [D]4:03 
9Indian Summer [Version]4:18 
10Bonfire [Dm][Version]3:14 
11I Was Here [C][Version]3:53 
12Big Green Tractor [Version]3:32 
13Living For The Night [Db][Version]3:48 
14The Best Day [C#][Version]4:18 
15Rockin' The Beer Gut [Version]3:20 
16Long Line of Losers [D][Version]4:03