David Bowie [Deluxe Edition]

David Bowie
David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 - 10 January 2016), known by his stage name David Bowie ( /ˈboʊ.i/ BOH-ee), is an English musician, actor, record producer and arranger. A major figure for over four decades in the world of popular music, Bowie is widely regarded as an innovator, particularly for … more »
11Uncle Arthur2:12 
12Sell Me a Coat3:03 
13Rubber Band2:20 
14Love You Till Tuesday3:13 
15There Is a Happy Land3:16 
16We Are Hungry Men3:00 
17When I Live My Dream3:26 
18Little Bombardier3:28 
19Silly Boy Blue3:54 
110Come and Buy My Toys2:10 
111Join the Gang2:21 
112She's Got Medals2:26 
113Maid of Bond Street1:45 
114Please Mr. Gravedigger2:44 
115Uncle Arthur [Mono]2:09 
116Sell Me a Coat [Mono]3:00 
117Rubber Band [Mono]2:19 
118Love You till Tuesday [Mono]3:13 
119There is a Happy Land [Mono]3:16 
120We Are Hungry Men [Mono]3:01 
121When I Live My Dream [Mono]3:25 
122Little Bombardier [Mono]3:26 
123Silly Boy Blue [Mono]3:54 
124Come and Buy My Toys [Mono]2:10 
125Join the Gang [Mono]2:20 
126She's Got Medals [Mono]2:27 
127Maid of Bond Street [Mono]1:46 
128Please Mr. Gravedigger [Mono]2:38 
229Rubber Band [Single Version] [Version]2:04 
230The London Boys [Mono]3:22 
231The Laughing Gnome2:58 
232The Gospel According To Tony Day [Mono]2:48 
233Love You Till Tuesday [Single Version] [Version]3:01 
234Did You Ever Have a Dream2:08 
235When I Live My Dream [Single Version - Mono] [Version]3:52 
236Let Me Sleep Beside You3:27 
237Karma Man3:05 
238London, Bye, Ta Ta [#]2:38 
239In the Heat of the Morning [#][Version]2:47 
240The Laughing Gnome [Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix] [#]2:59 
241The Gospel According To Tony Day [Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix] [#]2:51 
242Did You Ever Have a Dream [Single Version - 2010 Stereo Mix] [#]2:09 
243Let Me Sleep Beside You [#]3:21 
244Karma Man [Stereo Mix] [#]3:05 
245In the Heat of the Morning [Stereo Mix]3:00 
246When I'm Five [Love You till Tuesday Soundtrack Version - Mono]3:07 
247Ching-a-Ling [Full Length Version Stereo Mix] [#]2:52 
248Sell Me a Coat [Remix - Mono]2:57 
249Love You till Tuesday [BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono] [#]2:59 
250When I Live My Dream [BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono] [#]3:35 
251Little Bombardier [BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono] [#]3:28 
252Silly Boy Blue [BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono] [#]3:28 
253In the Heat of the Morning [BBC "Top Gear" 18/12/67 Mono] [#]4:19 
254In the Heat of the Morning