The Get Back Journals

The Beatles
The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. They became the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed act in the history of popular music. Their best-known lineup consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Rooted in skiffle and 195… more »
11Child of Nature  
13I Shall Be Released  
14Sun King/Don't Let Me Down  
15The Teacher Was A-Lookin  
16Sun King  
17Two of Us  
18Crackin' Up  
19All Shook Up  
110Your True Love  
111Blue Suede Shoes  
112Three Cool Cats  
113Blowin' in the Wind  
115I'm So Tired  
116Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da  
117The 3rd Man Theme  
118Negro in Reserve  
119Don't Let Me Down  
120One After 909  
121Because I Know You Love Me So  
122One After 909  
123If Tomorrow Ever Comes  
124I've Been Tickled That You Love Me So  
125Won't You Please Say Goodbye  
126Bring It on Home to Me  
127Hitch Hike  
128You Can't Do That  
129Hippy Hippy Shake  
130Two of Us [Rehearsal Session]  
231Two of Us  
232[Rhythm Instrumental]  
233Short Fat Fannie  
234Midnight Special (Prisoner's Song)  
235When You're Drunk You Think of Me  
236What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)?  
237What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?  
238Money (That's What I Want)  
239Gimme Some Truth  
240All Things Must Pass [Rehearsal Session]  
241[Organ Instrumental]  
242All Things Must Pass [Rehearsal Session]  
243Let It Be [Rehearsal Session]  
244Maxwell's Silver Hammer  
245Speak to Me /When I'm Sixty-Four [Riff]  
246[Gospel Instrumental]  
247Oh! Darling  
248Maxwell's Silver Hammer [Rehearsal Session]  
249Gimme Some Truth  
250From Me to You  
251Don't Let Me Down/Devil in Her Heart  
252Thirty Days  
253[Instrumental Jam]  
254School Days [Riff]  
355I Me Mine  
356Early in the Morning/Honey Hush  
357Stand by Me  
358Hari Krsna Mantra [Parody Lyrics]  
359[Untitled Track]  
360Hari Krsna Mantra [Parody Lyrics Reprised]  
361Two of Us  
362You Got Me Going  
363Twist and Shout  
364Don't Let Me Down  
365I've Got a Feeling  
366One After 909  
367Too Bad About Sorrows  
368Just Fun  
369She Said She Said  
370Mean Mr. Mustard  
371Don't Let Me Down  
372All Things Must Pass  
373Fools Like Me  
374You Win Again  
375[Untitled Track]  
376She Came in Through the Bathroom Window  
377I Me Mine [Rehearsal Session]  
378Almost Grown  
379Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  
380What Am I Living For?  
381Rock & Roll Music  
382I Me Mine [Rehearsal Session]  
483I Me Mine [Rehearsal Session]  
484The Long and Winding Road  
485Let It Be  
486To Kingdom Come  
487[Boat Show Dialogue]  
488Don't Let Me Down  
489Two of Us  
490Baa Baa Black Sheep  
491Don't Let Me Down  
492Suzy's Parlour  
493I've Got a Feeling [Rehearsal Session]  
494One After 909  
495Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  
496She Came in Through the Bathroom Window [Rehearsal Session]  
498She Came in Through the Bathroom Window [Rehearsal Session]  
499Get Back [Aka No Pakistanis]  
4100La Penina  
4101Across the Universe  
4102Shakin' in the Sixties  
4103Move It  
4104Good Rockin' Tonight  
4106Across the Universe  
4107House of the Rising Sun  
5109Get off White Power  
5110Honey Hush  
5111For You Blue  
5112Let It Be  
5113Medley: Ramblin' Woman/I Threw It All Away/Mama You Been on My Mind  
5114Let It Be [Rehearsal Session]  
5115Two of Us  
5116Hi-Heel Sneakers  
5117Get Back  
5118Get Back [Rehearsal Session]  
5119[Instrumental Jam]  
5120Lady Jane  
5121Jazz Piano Song  
5122[Piano Instrumental  
5124Back Seat of My Car  
5125It's Just for You [Rehearsal Session]  
5126Tea for Two  
5128Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On  
5129[Untitled Track]  
6131Mean Mr. Mustard/Madman  
6132Watching Rainbows  
6133[Instrumental Jam]  
6134Take This Hammer  
6135Johnny B. Goode  
6136I Shall Be Released  
6137[Instrumental Jam]  
6138I've Got a Feeling [Rehearsal Session]  
6139News Report/I've Got My Blue Finger  
6140Every Night  
6141Dig a Pony [Rehearsal Session Fragments]  
6142Watch You Step  
6143New Orleans  
6145Dig a Pony  
6146Hi-Heel Sneakers  
6147Milk Cow Blues  
6148Little Queenie  
6149When Irish Eyes Are Smiling  
6150Queen of the Hop  
6151All I Want Is You  
6152Medley: Roll over Beethoven/Hully Gully/Good Rockin' Tonight  
6153Medley: Forty Days/Instrumental Jam [Instrumental]  
6154Too Bad About Sorrows  
7155Dig a Pony  
7156You Got the Message  
7157I'm Ready  
7158Dig a Pony [Loose Rehearsal Incl.: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/]  
7159You've Got Me Thinking  
7160I've Got a Feeling [Rehearsal Session]  
7161She Came in Through the Bathroom Window [Rehearsal Session]  
7162Don't Let Me Down [Fragment]  
7163I've Got a Feeling  
7164Octopus's Garden  
7165Get Back [Rehearsal Session Incl.: Reach Out, I'll Be There]  
7166I've Got a Feeling  
7168Please Please Me  
7169[Rock & Roll Circus Dialogue Incl.: Get Back [riff]/I Can't Get No]  
7170[Instrumental Jam]  
7171Get Back [Rehearsal Session]  
7172Soldier of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)  
7173Medley: Cathy's Clown/Soldier of Love/Where Have You Been  
7174What I'd Say/Love Is a Swingin' Thing  
7175Child of Nature  
8176Teddy Boy [Rehearsal Session Con't., Incl.: Balls to Your Par]  
8177Two of Us [Rehearsal Session]  
8178Polythene Pam  
8179(Improvisation), Two of Us [Riffs & Ray Remix]  
8180Maggie Mae  
8181Teddy Boy [Playback]  
8182Two of Us  
8183Her Majesty  
8184There You Are, Eddie  
8185Every Night/Pillow for Your Head  
8186Hot as Sun  
8187Two of Us [Rehearsal Session Incl.: Hello, Goodbye]  
8188Diggin' My Potatoes/Rock Island Line  
8189Singin' the Blues/Knee Deep in the Blues  
8190Dig It [Rehearsal Session]  
8191Get Back [Rehearsal Session]  
8192Bad Boy  
8193Sweet Little Sixteen/Around and Around  
8194Almost Grown  
8195School Days  
8196[Postcard Dialogue]  
8197All Along the Watchtower  
8198Get Back (Reprise)