Artifacts, 1958-1970

The Beatles
The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. They became the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed act in the history of popular music. Their best-known lineup consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Rooted in skiffle and 195… more »
11That'll Be the Day1:03 
12One After 9092:24 
13I'll Follow the Sun1:45 
15Thinking of Linking2:22 
16World Is Waiting for the Sunrise/Flaming Pie2:44 
18One After 9093:20 
19I Saw Her Standing There2:57 
110Like Dreamers Do2:30 
111Hello Little Girl1:38 
112Some Other Guy2:01 
113How Do You Do It?1:58 
114A Taste of Honey:46 
115I Saw Her Standing There3:07 
116There's a Place2:07 
118From Me to You3:31 
119Please Please Me2:29 
120Long Tall Sally1:44 
121Money (That's What I Want)2:39 
122I'll Be on My Way1:54 
123I'm in Love1:31 
124Bad to Me1:29 
125Hold Me Tight3:04 
126Don't Bother Me2:51 
127Roll over Beethoven/She Loves You4:27 
128Twist and Shout3:04 
129On Moonlight Bay1:09 
230If I Fell4:01 
231One and One Is Two1:56 
232Can't Buy Me Love3:03 
233All My Loving2:37 
234I Want to Hold Your Hand3:08 
235Please Please Me2:05 
236A Hard Day's Night4:28 
237From Us to You:32 
238You Can't Do That2:38 
240Leave My Kitten Alone2:53 
241I'm a Loser2:31 
242She's a Woman6:32 
243I Feel Fine2:51 
244If You've Got Trouble2:53 
245You're Gonna Lose That Girl2:19 
246That Means a Lot2:29 
249I'm Down2:18 
250Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)2:02 
251Day Tripper2:11 
252We Can Work It Out:45 
253I'm Looking Through You3:11 
25412-Bar Original6:41 
356He Said He Said/She Said She Said3:02 
357Tomorrow Never Knows2:56 
358Paperback Writer4:03 
359Nowhere Man2:31 
360Paperback Writer2:41 
361Strawberry Fields Forever12:35 
362Penny Lane2:33 
363A Day in the Life4:23 
364Good Morning, Good Morning1:03 
365It's All Too Much8:35 
366All You Need Is Love7:07 
367Your Mother Should Know2:29 
368I Am the Walrus1:51 
369The Fool on the Hill2:50 
370Aerial Tour Instrumental2:06 
371Jessie's Dream:44 
372Hello, Hello5:08 
373Blue Jay Way3:43 
374Cry Baby Cry5:55 
375Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy:31 
476The Inner Light2:32 
477Lady Madonna2:16 
478She Can Talk to Me:50 
479Across the Universe3:47 
480Instrumental/Blowin' in the Wind/Harekrishna Mantra3:00 
481Thank You Guru Dev/Happy Birthday Mike Love2:17 
482The Happy Rishikesh Song1:56 
483Dear Prudence4:34 
484Back in the U.S.S.R.3:03 
487Child of Nature2:36 
488Sour Milk Sea3:33 
490Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da2:49 
492Brian Epstein Blues1:06 
493While My Guitar Gently Weeps3:18 
494Hey Jude/Las Vegas Tune/St. Louis Blues7:22 
495Not Guilty4:11 
496What's the New Mary Jane?6:06 
497Everyone Had a Hard Year1:43 
499Don't Let Me Down2:12 
5101Another Day/Chat4:19 
5103Act Naturally/Two of Us2:33 
5104Piano Theme/Strawberry Fields Forever1:35 
5105Madman a Comin':52 
5106Watching Rainbows4:31 
5108Get Back2:18 
5109Old Brown Shoe2:59 
5110For You Blue2:54 
5111I Lost My Little Girl4:07 
5112Maggie Mae/Fancy Me Chances1:34 
5113Dig It8:26 
5114Get Back3:42 
5115Dig a Pony3:51 
5116Let It Be3:51 
5118Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight5:15 
5119Her Majesty:27 
5120Oh! Darling2:13 
5121Come and Get It2:31 
5123I Me Mine1:40