Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. more »
11Smells Like Teen Spirit5:02 
12In Bloom4:15 
13Come as You Are3:39 
17Territorial Pissings2:23 
18Drain You3:44 
19Lounge Act2:36 
110Stay Away3:31 
111On a Plain3:14 
112Something in the Way3:52 
113Endless, Nameless6:43 
114Even in His Youth [B-Side]3:02 
115Aneurysm [B-Side]4:46 
116Curmudgeon [B-Side]2:57 
117D-7 [Live at the BBC]3:44 
118Been a Son [Live at Paramount Theatre B-Side]2:30 
119School [Live at Paramount Theatre B-Side]2:34 
120Drain You [Live at Paramount Theatre B-Side]3:52 
121Sliver [Live at del Mar B-Side]2:03 
122Polly [Live at del Mar B-Side]2:47 
223In Bloom [Smart Sessions]4:31 
224Immodium (Breed) [Smart Sessions]3:14 
225Lithium [Smart Sessions]4:30 
226Polly [Smart Sessions]2:58 
227Pay to Play [Smart Sessions]3:28 
228Here She Comes Now [Smart Sessions]5:00 
229Dive [Smart Sessions]3:54 
230Sappy [Smart Sessions]3:35 
231Smells Like Teen Spirit [Boombox Rehearsals]5:39 
232Verse Chorus Verse [Boombox Rehearsals]3:12 
233Territorial Pissings [Boombox Rehearsals]2:11 
234Lounge Act [Boombox Rehearsals]2:36 
235Come as You Are [Boombox Rehearsals]4:11 
236Old Age [Boombox Rehearsals]4:21 
237Something in the Way [Boombox Rehearsals]5:30 
238On a Plain [Boombox Rehearsals]3:20 
239Drain You [Live at the BBC]4:03 
240Something in the Way [Live at the BBC]3:24 
341Smells Like Teen Spirit [Devonshire Mix]5:02 
342In Bloom [Devonshire Mix]4:15 
343Come as You Are [Devonshire Mix]3:40 
344Breed [Devonshire Mix]3:03 
345Lithium [Devonshire Mix]4:18 
346Territorial Pissings [Devonshire Mix]2:13 
347Drain You [Devonshire Mix]3:41 
348Lounge Act [Devonshire Mix]2:36 
349Stay Away [Devonshire Mix]3:28 
350On a Plain [Devonshire Mix]3:25 
351Something in the Way [Devonshire Mix]3:56 
452Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam [Live at the Paramount]3:30 
453Aneurysm [Live at the Paramount]4:50 
454Drain You [Live at the Paramount/1991]3:47 
455School [Live at the Paramount]2:52 
456Floyd the Barber [Live at the Paramount]2:27 
457Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live at the Paramount]4:46 
458About a Girl [Live at the Paramount]3:13 
459Polly [Live at the Paramount]3:04 
460Breed [Live at the Paramount]3:11 
461Sliver [Live at the Paramount]2:11 
462Love Buzz [Live at the Paramount]3:34 
463Lithium [Live at the Paramount]4:38 
464Been a Son [Live at the Paramount]2:16 
465Negative Creep [Live at the Paramount]2:44 
466On a Plain [Live at the Paramount]3:04 
467Blew [Live at the Paramount]4:09 
468Rape Me [Live at the Paramount]3:00 
469Territorial Pissings [Live at the Paramount]2:56 
470Endless, Nameless [Live at the Paramount]6:25