Pillow Talk [Original Soundtrack]

Doris Day
Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, April 3, 1922) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist, who began her career as a big band singer in 1939, but only began to be noticed after her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey", in 1945. After leaving the Les Brown & His … more »
11Pillow Talk (Title Credits)2:34 
12Inspiration (To Eileen):39 
13Tabasco Sauce for Alma's Hangover:43 
14Inspiration (To Yvette):24 
15Alma's Second Hangover1:36 
16Telephone Inspector's Visit/Alma's Third Hangover1:08 
17Jan and Alma's Discussion: Bedroom Problems1:09 
18Jonathan's Proposal/Alma's Eavesdropping on Brad/Jonathan's Visit ...3:23 
19Jan's Refusal to Brad's Attempt for a Date:50 
110Inspiration (To Marie):43 
111Tony's Offer to Drive Jan Home1:06 
113The Copa del Rio Mambo:38 
114Jan and Tony's Dance/First Appearance as 'Rex'3:34 
115Sending Tony Home in a Taxi1:14 
116Brad Squeezing into Tony's Car/Brad's Leg Dangling Over the Car Door:41 
117Brad's Efforts to Get Out of the Car:34 
118Taxi Ride/At Jan's Apartment Door3:07 
120"Like a Potbellied Stove on a Frosty Morning" Brad as 'Rex' ...2:47 
121A Night Out in New York3:21 
122Jonathan's Evasion to Meet Brad's Cousin 'Moose'3:16 
123Jan and Brad Do the Town (New York Montage)1:08 
124"Jan, You Can't Live in Texas! " Jonathan's Objection1:46 
125Roly Poly2:02 
126"I Wonder If I Can Get the Recipe" Brad Setting the Trap for Jan1:34 
127Is That All It Is With Us, Friendship?" Jan Falling Right into It:43 
128I Need No Atmosphere1:12 
129You Lied1:45 
130Jan Packing and Telephoning to Inform Brad How Wrong He Was About 'Rex':55 
131Jonathan Sending Brad on His Way to Connecticut1:04 
132Possess Me1:59 
133Romantic Scene in Front of Fireplace/Brad Trying to Hide the Sheet ...3:52 
134Jan's First Suspicion1:32 
135Jan Ready to Leave/Jonathan Rushing in to Expose 'Rex'1:09 
136New York: 80 Miles:23 
137"You Got an Apartment, She Decorates Apartments, Right? Right" ...1:35 
138Jan's 'Business' Visit to Brad's Apartment2:05 
139Brad Biddinjg Goodbye to All Former Girlfriends/Jan Ordering ...1:17 
140The Newly-Finished 'Chamber of Horrors'/Brad in Jan's Bedroom/"They'll ..."3:27 
141Inspiration (Played on a Player Piano):37 
142Brad 'Kidnapped' by an Obstetrician and His Nurse:12 
143Pillow Talk (End Title) [Shorter Version (End Title)]:40 
244Pillow Talk2:55 
246Roly Poly2:34 
248Pillow Talk [Film Version]2:13 
249Doris Introduces Rock's Singing Voice: Inspiration1:13 
250Doris Introduces Roly Poly:35 
251Roly Poly2:01 
252Doris Chats and Sings: Possess Me1:49 
253Doris Concludes:30 
254Pillow Talk [Short Version]:37 
256Roly Poly2:38 
257Posess Me2:53 
258Pillow Talk2:14 
259Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 1 [*]1:07 
260Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 2 [*]:58 
261Doris Day Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 3 [*]:59 
262Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 1 [*]:49 
263Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 2 [*]1:04 
264Rock Hudson Introduces Movie Dialogue Segments, 3 [*]:40