40, Vol. 3

Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1971, originally consisting of the late Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano), Brian May (guitar, vocals), John Deacon (bass guitar), and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals). Queen's earliest works were influenced by progressive rock, but the band gradually… more »
11Radio Ga Ga5:48 
12Tear It Up3:25 
13It's a Hard Life4:07 
14Man on the Prowl3:26 
15Machines (Or Back to Humans)5:07 
16I Want to Break Free3:19 
17Keep Passing the Open Windows5:21 
18Hammer to Fall4:25 
19Is This the World We Created...?2:14 
210I Go Crazy3:44 
211I Want to Break Free4:18 
212Hammer to Fall5:18 
213Is This the World We Created...?3:03 
214It's a Hard Life4:26 
215Thank God It's Christmas4:22 
316One Vision5:11 
317A Kind of Magic4:24 
318One Year of Love4:27 
319Pain Is So Close to Pleasure4:21 
320Friends Will Be Friends4:07 
321Who Wants to Live Forever5:16 
322Gimme the Prize [Kurgan's Theme]4:34 
323Don't Lose Your Head4:38 
324Princes of the Universe3:34 
425A Kind of Magic [Highlander Version]4:22 
426One Vision [Single Version]4:00 
427Pain Is So Close to Pleasure [Single Remix]3:58 
428Forever [Piano Version]3:21 
429A Kind of Magic [Demo] [August, 1985]3:23 
430One Vision [Live at Wembley Stadium, Friday July 11, 1986]5:12 
431Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends6:00 
533Khashoggi's Ship2:48 
534The Miracle5:01 
535I Want It All4:40 
536The Invisible Man3:58 
538Rain Must Fall4:23 
540My Baby Does Me3:23 
541Was It All Worth It5:48 
642I Want It All [Single Version]4:02 
643The Invisible Man5:02 
644Hang On in There3:47 
645Hijack My Heart4:12 
647Chinese Torture [Instrumental]1:44 
648The Invisible Man [12" Version]5:31 
750I'm Going Slightly Mad4:23 
752I Can't Live With You4:34 
753Don't Try So Hard3:40 
754Ride the Wild Wind4:43 
755All God's People4:22 
756These Are the Days of Our Lives4:15 
758The Hitman4:57 
760The Show Must Go On4:38 
861I Can't Live With You [1997 Rocks Retake]4:48 
862Lost Opportunity3:52 
863Ride the Wild Wind [Early Version With Guide Vocal]4:14 
864I'm Going Slightly Mad [Mad Mix]4:36 
865Headlong [Embryo With Guide Vocal]4:44 
966It's a Beautiful Day2:34 
967Made in Heaven5:25 
968Let Me Live4:46 
969Mother Love4:46 
970My Life Has Been Saved3:15 
971I Was Born to Love You4:50 
972Heaven for Everyone5:36 
973Too Much Love Will Kill You4:19 
974You Don't Fool Me5:25 
975A Winter's Tale3:50 
976It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)3:00 
1079Heaven for Everyone [Single Version]4:40 
1080It's a Beautiful Day3:58 
1081My Life Has Been Saved [1989]3:16 
1082I Was Born to Love You [Vocals & Piano Version]2:55 
1083Rock in Rio Blues [Live]4:34 
1084A Winter's Tale [Cosy Fireside Mix]3:49