All That Jazz [Deluxe Edition]

12All That Jazz  
13Monday Morning Blues  
14Hands To Heaven  
15All This I Should Have Known  
16Don't Tell Me Lies  
17Any Trick  
18Liberties of Love  
19Won't You Come Back?  
110For Love or Money  
111How Can I Fall?  
112Don't Tell Me Lies [1986 UK 7" Version] [*][Version]  
113In All Honesty [7" Version] [*][Version]  
114Jonah [1987 7" Version] [*][Version]  
115All That Jazz [Radio Mix] [*]  
116Any Trick [Like a Monkey Radio Mix] [*]  
117Jonah [1988 7" Version] [*][Version]  
118How Can I Fall? [Single Version] [*]  
119Don't Tell Me Lies [1989 US 7" Version] [*][Version]  
221Take a Little Time  
223Life and Times  
224Make It Funky  
225Don't Tell Me Lies [Dance Mix]  
226In All Honesty [Chilled Out Mix]  
227Jonah [A Whale of a Mix]  
228All That Jazz [Remix]  
229Hands to Heaven [Extended Heaven]  
230Any Trick [Like a Monkey Club Mix]  
231How Can I Fall? [Extended Remix]  
232Don't Tell Me Lies [Extended Version] [Version]  
233In All Honesty [Us Remix]