Move Over Darling

Doris Day
Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, April 3, 1922) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist, who began her career as a big band singer in 1939, but only began to be noticed after her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey", in 1945. After leaving the Les Brown & His … more »
11What Does a Woman Do [From Midnight Lace]3:03 
12Please Don't Eat the Daisies2:24 
14The Blue Train2:46 
15Daffa Down Dilly [Fast Version]1:44 
16Here We Go Again2:36 
17Show Time, Pt. 13:08 
18On the Street Where You Live3:00 
19When I'm Not Near the Boy I Love2:38 
110I Love Paris3:13 
111The Surrey with the Fringe on Top2:47 
113I've Grown Accustomed to His Face3:15 
114They Say It's Wonderful3:01 
115A Wonderful Guy2:16 
116People Will Say We're in Love2:55 
117I Got the Sun in the Morning3:52 
118Show Time, Pt. 2:36 
119Happy Talk3:02 
120Ridin' High2:03 
121Stay With the Happy People2:14 
122Clap Yo' Hands3:01 
123Singin' in the Rain2:38 
124I Want to Be Happy2:21 
125Make Someone Happy3:27 
126On the Sunny Side of the Street2:42 
127Twinkle and Shine2:17 
128Bright and Shiny2:37 
129Gotta Feelin'2:08 
230Keep Smilin', Keep Laughin', Be Happy2:59 
231Oh What a Beautiful Dream3:27 
232I'll Buy That Dream3:44 
233Time to Say Goodnight2:31 
234All I Do Is Dream of You3:16 
235My Ship4:11 
236We'll Love Again4:16 
237I Believe in Dreams3:01 
238Periwinkle Blue3:22 
239Let No Walls Divide2:25 
240Look All Around3:08 
241In the Secret Place3:13 
242As a Child3:12 
243Someday I'll Find You3:03 
244You Stepped Out of a Dream2:49 
245I Have Dreamed3:14 
246Let No Walls Divide [Overdub Session]3:07 
247When I Grow Too Old to Dream3:04 
248Who Knows What Might Have Been?2:37 
249Should I Surrender [From Lover Come Back]2:41 
250Lover Come Back [From Lover Come Back]2:18 
251Close Your Eyes2:39 
252Fools Rush In2:54 
253Remind Me4:01 
355Control Yourself2:58 
356You're Good for Me2:05 
357Nobody's Heart4:09 
358Wait Till You See Him3:06 
359Fools Rush In3:53 
360Give Me Time3:30 
361Who Are We to Say (Obey Your Heart)3:02 
362Nobody's Heart3:54 
364Close Your Eyes3:11 
365My One and Only Love3:41 
366In Love in Vain2:58 
367Falling in Love Again2:55 
368Nearer My God to Thee3:32 
369I Need Thee Every Hour3:05 
370Abide with Me2:37 
371The Lord's Prayer3:03 
372Walk with Him2:58 
373In the Garden3:45 
374The Prodigal Son2:59 
375If I Can Help Somebody2:43 
376Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)3:08 
377Bless This House3:23 
378You'll Never Walk Alone2:33 
379Be Still and Know3:10 
480Let the Little Girl Limbo [Single Vocal]2:34 
481Move Over Darling [From Move Over Darling]2:41 
482Twinkle Lullaby [From Move Over Darling]1:51 
484Lollipops and Roses2:56 
485Can't Help Falling in Love2:44 
486Softly, as I Leave You3:09 
487As Long as He Needs Me4:08 
488Losing You2:46 
489Since I Fell for You4:25 
490Love Him2:19 
491Night Life4:32 
492(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I3:00 
494Moonlight Lover [From Send Me No Flowers]2:42 
495Rainbow's End2:36 
496Oo-Wee Baby2:22 
497Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas3:02 
499The Christmas Song2:41 
4100Winter Wonderland2:58 
4101Silver Bells3:04 
4102White Christmas2:44 
4103Be a Child at Christmas Time2:18 
4105Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!3:15 
4106The Christmas Waltz2:45 
5107I'll Be Home for Christmas2:27 
5108Christmas Present2:50 
5109Getting to Know You3:07 
5110Sleepy Baby3:25 
5111With a Smile and a Song3:38 
5112Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)2:59 
5114Give a Little Whistle2:09 
5115The Inch Worm2:28 
5116Swinging on a Star2:05 
5117The Lilac Tree2:04 
5118The Children's Marching Song (Nick Nack Paddy Whack)1:55 
5120High Hopes2:20 
5121Send Me No Flowers [From Send Me No Flowers]2:14 
5122I Remember You3:36 
5123Sentimental Journey3:45 
5124It Could Happen to You3:15 
5125At Last4:30 
5126I'll Never Smile Again3:01 
5127Serenade in Blue3:08 
5128It's Been a Long, Long Time3:21 
5129The More I See You3:18 
5130I'm Beginning to See the Light2:07 
5131I Had the Craziest Dream/I Don't Want to Walk Without You3:41 
5132Come to Baby, Do!2:05 
5133Slightly Out of Tune2:52 
5134Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcavado)2:54 
6136Summer Has Gone2:18 
6137Fly Me to the Moon2:36 
6138Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)2:34 
6139Our Day Will Come2:43 
6140Be True to Me3:06 
6142Por Favor2:24 
6143How Insensitive (Insensataez)3:40 
6144Be Mine Tonight3:25 
6145Catch the Bouquet2:40 
6146Another Go Around2:31 
6147A Whisper Away2:52 
6148Do Not Disturb [From Do Not Disturb]2:07 
6149Au Revoir Is Goodbye with a Smile [From Do Not Disturb]1:59 
6150There They Are3:08 
6151Every Now and Then (You Come Around)2:12 
6152The Glass Bottom Boat [From the Glass Bottom Boat]2:41 
6154Caprice [From Caprice]2:33 
6155Snuggled on Your Shoulder3:26 
6156Street of Dreams2:38 
6157Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries2:56 
6158If I Had My Life to Live Over/Let Me Call You Sweetheart4:00 
6159Are You Lonesome Tonight?2:04 
6160All Alone2:56 
6161Sleepy Lagoon3:32 
6162Faded Summer Love3:38 
7163Oh, How I Miss You Tonight2:57 
7164For All We Know3:36 
7165Wonderful One3:23 
7166The Blue Train [Without Chorus]2:56 
7167Daffa Down Dilly1:48 
7168The Let the Little Girl Limbo [Single Vocal]2:57 
7169The Let the Little Girl Limbo [Double Vocal]2:57 
7170Catch the Bouquet [Alternate Take]2:49 
7171Another Go Around [Alternate Take]2:29 
7172Do Not Disturb [Different Rhythm]2:06 
7173The Glass Bottom Boat [Alternate Take]2:36 
7174The Circus on Parade [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]4:10 
7175Over and Over Again [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]4:11 
7176Why Can't I? [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]2:56 
7177This Can't Be Love [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]3:11 
7178The Most Beautiful Girl in the World [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]4:09 
7179My Romance [From Jumbo]2:34 
7180The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Reprise) [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]1:29 
7181Little Girl Blue [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]4:50 
7182Sawdust, Spangles and Dreams (Finale) [From Billy Rose's Jumbo]7:46 
8183Overture [From Annie Get Your Gun]3:34 
8184Colonel Buffalo Bill [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:11 
8185I'm a Bad, Bad Man [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:12 
8186Doin' What Comes Natur'lly [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:49 
8187The Girl That I Marry [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:29 
8188You Can't Get a Man with a Gun [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:38 
8189They Say It's Wonderful [From Annie Get Your Gun]4:55 
8190My Defenses Are Down [From Annie Get Your Gun]3:21 
8191Moonshine Lullaby [From Annie Get Your Gun]4:41 
8192I'm an Indian, Too [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:09 
8193I Got Lost in His Arms [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:37 
8194Who Do You Love, I Hope? [From Annie Get Your Gun]3:16 
8195I Got the Sun in the Morning [From Annie Get Your Gun]3:38 
8196Anything You Can Do [From Annie Get Your Gun]3:33 
8197There's No Business Like Show Business [From Annie Get Your Gun]2:32