The Complete Albums Collection

Simon & Garfunkel
Simon & Garfunkel were an American music duo consisting of singer-songwriters Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. They formed the group Tom & Jerry in 1957 and had their first success with the minor hit "Hey, Schoolgirl". As Simon & Garfunkel, the duo rose to fame in 1965, largely on the streā€¦ more »
11You Can Tell the World2:49 
12Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream2:14 
13Bleecker Street2:47 
16The Sound of Silence3:09 
17He Was My Brother2:52 
19Go Tell It on the Mountain2:09 
110The Sun Is Burning2:51 
111The Times They Are A-Changin'2:54 
112Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.2:13 
213The Sound of Silence3:09 
214Leaves That Are Green2:25 
216Kathy's Song3:21 
217Somewhere They Can't Find Me2:39 
219Richard Cory2:59 
220A Most Peculiar Man2:35 
221April Come She Will1:52 
222We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin'2:01 
223I Am a Rock2:49 
324Scarborough Fair/Canticle3:13 
327Homeward Bound2:32 
328The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine2:46 
329The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)1:46 
330The Dangling Conversation2:42 
331Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall2:15 
332A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd into Submiss2:17 
333For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her2:10 
334A Poem on the Underground Wall1:57 
3357 O'Clock News/Silent Night2:00 
436The Sound of Silence3:07 
437The Singleman Party Foxtrot2:53 
438Mrs. Robinson1:16 
439Sunporch Cha Cha Cha2:53 
440Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Interlude)1:44 
441On the Strip2:01 
442April Come She Will1:52 
443The Folks2:28 
444Scarborough Fair/Canticle6:22 
445A Great Effect4:07 
446The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine1:46 
448Mrs. Robinson1:13 
449The Sound of Silence (Reprise)3:07 
550Bookends Theme:32 
551Save the Life of My Child2:48 
554Voices of Old People2:07 
555Old Friends2:35 
556Bookends Theme1:22 
557Fakin' It3:21 
558Punky's Dilemma2:16 
559Mrs. Robinson [From The Graduate]4:07 
560A Hazy Shade of Winter2:17 
561At the Zoo2:22 
662Bridge Over Troubled Water4:56 
663El Condor Pasa (If I Could)3:08 
665Keep the Customer Satisfied2:37 
666So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright3:43 
667The Boxer5:12 
668Baby Driver3:17 
669The Only Living Boy in New York4:01 
670Why Don't You Write Me2:46 
671Bye Bye Love2:52 
672Song for the Asking1:50 
773Mrs. Robinson3:54 
774For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live]2:25 
775The Boxer5:14 
776The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [Live]1:50 
777The Sounds of Silence3:06 
778I Am a Rock2:50 
779Scarborough Fair/Canticle3:10 
780Homeward Bound2:42 
781Bridge Over Troubled Water4:55 
783Kathy's Song [Live]3:21 
784El Condor Pasa (If I Could)3:09 
887Mrs. Robinson [Live]4:03 
888Homeward Bound [Live]4:22 
889America [Live]4:56 
890Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard [Live]3:47 
891Scarborough Fair [Live]3:51 
892April Come She Will [Live]2:37 
893Wake Up Little Susie [Live]2:18 
894Still Crazy After All These Years [Live]3:53 
895American Tune [Live]4:35 
896Late in the Evening [Live]4:07 
897Slip Slidin' Away [Live]4:42 
898A Heart in New York [Live]3:01 
899Kodachrome/Maybellene [Live]5:49 
8100Bridge Over Troubled Water [Live]4:44 
810150 Ways to Leave Your Lover [Live]4:49 
8102The Boxer [Live]6:02 
8103Old Friends [Live]2:50 
8104The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [Live]3:11 
8105The Sounds of Silence [Live]4:16 
9106Old Friends/Bookends [Live]3:33 
9107A Hazy Shade of Winter [Live]3:33 
9108I Am a Rock [Live]4:23 
9109America [Live]4:53 
9110At the Zoo [Live]1:33 
9111Baby Driver [Live]2:58 
9112Kathy's Song [Live]3:58 
9113Tom and Jerry Story [Live]2:14 
9114Hey, Schoolgirl [Live]:45 
9115The Everly Brothers Intro [Live]1:42 
9116Bye Bye Love [Live]3:00 
9117Scarborough Fair [Live]3:50 
9118Homeward Bound [Live]5:41 
9119The Sound of Silence [Live]5:02 
10120Mrs. Robinson [Live]4:32 
10121Slip Slidin' Away [Live]4:59 
10122El Condor Pasa [Live]3:34 
10123The Only Living Boy in New York [Live]4:03 
10124American Tune [Live]4:40 
10125My Little Town [Live]4:35 
10126Bridge Over Troubled Water [Live]6:11 
10127Cecilia [Live]4:25 
10128The Boxer [Live]5:07 
10129Leaves That Are Green [Live]3:22 
10130Citizen of the Planet [Live][*]3:14 
11131He Was My Brother [Live]3:20 
11132Leaves That Are Green [Live]2:57 
11133Sparrow [Live]3:06 
11134Homeward Bound [Live]2:39 
11135You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies [Live]2:06 
11136A Most Peculiar Man [Live]2:59 
11137The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [Live]1:49 
11138The Dangling Conversation [Live]3:01 
11139Richard Cory [Live]3:23 
11140A Hazy Shade of Winter [Live]2:37 
11141Benedictus [Live]2:55 
11142Blessed [Live]3:45 
11143A Poem on the Underground Wall [Live]4:45 
11144Anji [Live]2:28 
11145I Am a Rock [Live]2:57 
11146The Sound of Silence [Live]3:25 
11147For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live]2:40 
11148A Church Is Burning [Live]3:43 
11149Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. [Live]3:35 
12150Homeward Bound [Live]3:04 
12151At the Zoo [Live]2:07 
12152The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [Live]1:55 
12153Song for the Asking [Live]2:28 
12154For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live]2:37 
12155Scarborough Fair/Canticle [Live]3:56 
12156Mrs. Robinson [Live]4:44 
12157The Boxer [Live]4:46 
12158Why Don't You Write Me [Live]2:56 
12159So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright [Live]3:55 
12160That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine [Live]3:11 
12161Bridge Over Troubled Water [Live]5:24 
12162The Sound of Silence [Live]3:52 
12163I Am a Rock [Live]3:36 
12164Old Friends/Bookends Theme [Live]3:22 
12165Leaves That Are Green [Live]3:23 
12166Kathy's Song [Live]3:53