Venus and Mars

Wings (also known as Paul McCartney & Wings) were a British rock group formed in 1971 by Paul McCartney with his wife Linda McCartney, session drummer Denny Seiwell and former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine. Wings were noted for frequent personnel changes as well as commercial success, going… more »
1Venus and Mars [2014 Remaster]1:19 
2Rock Show [2014 Remaster]5:33 
3Love in Song [2014 Remaster]3:04 
4You Gave Me the Answer [2014 Remaster]2:15 
5Magneto and Titanium Man [2014 Remaster]3:16 
6Letting Go [2014 Remaster]4:32 
7Venus and Mars [Reprise] [2014 Remaster]2:06 
8Spirits of Ancient Egypt [2014 Remaster]2:59 
9Medicine Jar [2014 Remaster]3:37 
10Call Me Back Again [2014 Remaster]4:59 
11Listen to What the Man Said [2014 Remaster]4:01 
12Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People [2014 Remaster]4:24 
13Crossroads [2014 Remaster]1:03 
14Junior’s Farm [2014 Remaster]4:24 
15Sally G [2014 Remaster]3:41 
16Walking in the Park with Eloise [2014 Remaster]3:09 
17Bridge on the River Suite [2014 Remaster]3:11 
18My Carnival [2014 Remaster]4:00 
19Going to New Orleans [My Carnival] [2014 Remaster]2:07 
20Hey Diddle [Ernie Winfrey Mix] [2014 Remaster]3:51 
21Let's Love [2014 Remaster]2:05 
22Soily [2014 Remaster/From "One Hand Clapping]3:57 
23Baby Face [2014 Remaster/From "One Hand Clapping"]1:42 
24Lunch Box / Odd Sox [2014 Remaster]3:55 
254th of July [2014 Remaster]3:49 
26Rock Show [Old Version] [2014 Remaster]7:09 
27Letting Go [Single Edit] [2014 Remaster]3:36