Complete Rarities Warner Bros. 1988-2011

R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. One of the first popular alternative rock bands, R.E.M. gained early attention due to Buck's ringing, arpeggiated guitar style and Stipe's … more »
22Ghost Rider3:46 
23Dark Globe1:53 
34Pop Song 89 [Acoustic Version]2:57 
45Memphis Train Blues1:40 
46Skin Tight [Live From Orlando, FL/ 4/30/1989]2:04 
57Losing My Religion [Live/Acoustic]4:44 
58Losing My Religion [Live at the Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland/2005]4:53 
59Rotary Eleven2:32 
610You Are the Everything [Live From Greensboro Coliseum, NC/ 11/10/1989]4:44 
611Love Is All Around [Live From Los Angeles, CA/ 4/1/1991]3:13 
712Shiny Happy People [Dance to the Music Mix]4:45 
713Shiny Happy People [Pop Mix]4:05 
714Shiny Happy People [Hip Mix]3:37 
815It's a Free World Baby5:12 
816Winged Mammal Theme2:56 
817First We Take Manhattan6:04 
918Everybody Hurts [Album Fade]5:00 
919Mandolin Strum3:46 
920Orange Crush [Live From Georgia/November 1989]4:00 
1021Man on the Moon [Album Edit]4:45 
1022Arms of Love3:32 
1123World Leader Pretend [Live From Charleston, WV/ 4/28/1991]5:16 
1124Belong [Live From Charleston, WV/ 4/28/1991]4:40 
1125Low [Live From Charleston, WV/ 4/28/1991]4:59 
1226The Lion Sleeps Tonight2:41 
1328Everybody Hurts [Live at the MTV Video Awards, Los Angeles, CA/ 9/2/1995:33 
1329Orange Crush [Instrumental]3:49 
1430Fall on Me [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]3:23 
1431Me in Honey [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]4:16 
1432Finest Worksong [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]4:11 
1533Drive [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]4:17 
1534Funtime [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]2:16 
1535Radio Free Europe [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]4:43 
1636What's the Frequency, Kenneth? [Live on S.N.L. New York, NY/ 11/12/19944:06 
1637Bang and Blame [Live on S.N.L. New York, NY/ 11/12/1994]4:54 
1638I Don't Sleep, I Dream [Live on S.N.L. New York, NY/ 11/12/1994]3:50 
1739What's the Frequency, Kenneth? [Radio Version]4:00 
1740Monty Got a Raw Deal [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]4:22 
1741Everybody Hurts [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]5:42 
1742Man on the Moon [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]5:23 
1843Bang and Blame [Without Between Track Noise]4:52 
1844Losing My Religion [Applause Faded/Live From Athens, GA/11/19/1992]4:43 
1845Country Feedback [Applause Faded/Live From Athens, GA/11/19/1992]4:19 
1846Begin the Begin [Live From Athens, GA/ 11/19/1992]3:48 
1947Undertow [Live From Atlanta, GA/ 11/18/1995]5:05 
1948Wichita Lineman [Live From Houston, TX/ 9/15/1995]3:18 
1949New Test Leper [Acoustic/Live From Seattle, WA/ 4/19/1996]5:29 
2050Tricycle [Instrumental]1:58 
2051Departure [Live Rome Soundcheck Rome, Italy/ 2/22/1995]3:33 
2052Wall of Death3:08 
2153The Wake-Up Bomb [Live From Atlanta, GA/ 10/4/1995]5:08 
2154Binky the Doormat [Live From Atlanta, GA/ 11/18/1995]5:02 
2155King of Comedy [808 State Remix]5:37 
2256Be Mine [Mike on Bus Version]4:54 
2257Love Is All Around3:02 
2360Sad Professor [Live in Studio Version]4:01 
2361Why Not Smile [Oxford American Version]3:01 
2462Surfing the Ganges2:28 
2463Suspicion [Live in Studio Version]5:39 
2464Lotus [Weird Mix]4:34 
2565Electrolite [Live on BBC's "Later" With Jools Holland, London, UK/ 10/23:58 
2566Man on the Moon [Live on BBC's "Later" With Jools Holland, London, UK/5:15 
2567Suspicion [Live at Ealing Studios, London, UK/ 10/29/1998]5:27 
2668At My Most Beautiful [Radio Remix]3:35 
2669The Passenger [Live on BBC's "Later" With Jools Holland, London, UK/ 10/27/7:11 
2670Country Feedback [Live on BBC's "Later" With Jools Holland, London, UK/6:51 
2671So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) [Live on BBC's "Later" With Jools Holland,4:04 
2772The Great Beyond4:14 
2773The One I Love [Live From Glastonbury Festival, UK/ 6/25/1999]3:08 
2774Everybody Hurts [Live From Glastonbury Festival, UK/ 6/25/1999]6:23 
2775Man on the Moon [Live From Glastonbury Festival, UK/ 6/25/1999]5:24 
2876Yellow River2:35 
2877165 Hillcrest1:35 
2878Imitation of Life [Live From Trafalgar Square, London, UK/ 4/29/2001]3:54 
2979Summer Turns to High [32 Chord Song Demo]3:10 
2980I've Been High [Live Video Version, Channel V, Sydney, Australia/ 5/31/3:17 
3081The Lifting [Original Version]5:20 
3082Beat a Drum [Dalkey Demo]4:26 
3184Favorite Writer2:57 
3185Out in the Country3:23 
3287Turn You Inside-Out [Live From Orlando, FL/ 4/30/1989]4:17 
3288Chance [Dub]2:35 
3289Drive [Live From Athens, GA/1992]4:00 
3290Star Me Kitten3:31 
3292Leave [Alternate Version]4:42 
3293The Lifting [Demo]5:20 
3294The One I Love [Live From the Museum of Television & Radio, Beverly Hills,3:24 
3395Maps & Legends [Live Rehearsal Version/Vancouver, BC/ 5/10/2003]3:18 
3396Tongue [Live Rehearsal Version/Vancouver, BC/ 5/10/2003]3:52 
3397Little America [Live Rehearsal Version/Vancouver, BC/ 5/10/2003]2:59 
3398So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)3:29 
3399Imitation of Life [Live Rehearsal Version/Vancouver, BC/ 5/10/2003]3:51 
34100So Fast, So Numb [Live Rehearsal Sessions, Athens, GA/2004]3:52 
34101All the Right Friends [Live Rehearsal Sessions, Athens, GA/2004]2:50 
35102Animal [New Mix]3:56 
35103Pretty Persuasion [Live From New York, NY/ 10/7/2003]4:00 
35104Welcome to the Occupation [Live From New York, NY/ 10/7/2003]2:47 
36105You Are the Everything [Live From Raleigh, NC/ 10/10/2003]3:31 
36106These Days [Live From Toronto, ON/ 9/30/2003]3:27 
36107(Don't Go Back To) Rockville4:35 
37108Wanderlust [Live From Santa Barbara, CA/ 10/14/2004]3:04 
38109Sweetness Follows [Live From Cincinnati, OH/ 10/27/2004]4:04 
39110Horse to Water2:36 
39111Indian Summer5:01 
40112Living Well Is the Best Revenge3:16 
40113Auctioneer [Live From London, UK/ 3/26/2008]2:46 
40114Hollow Man [Live From London, UK/ 3/26/2008]2:44 
40115Supernatural Superserious [Live From London, UK/ 3/26/2008]3:23 
40116Fall On Me [Live From London, UK / 3/26/2008]2:49 
40117West Of The Fields [Live From London, UK / 3/26/2008]3:14 
40118Horse To Water [Live From London, UK / 3/26/2008]2:18 
40119Man-Sized Wreath [Live From London, UK / 3/26/2008]2:36 
40120Man On The Moon [Live From London, UK / 3/26/2008]4:53 
41121Mr. Richards [Live From Vancouver, BC]3:54 
41122Living Well Jesus Dog4:21 
42124Redhead Walking2:11 
43125Houston [Live From London, UK/ 3/26/2008]2:19 
44126Harborcoat [Live at the Olympia Dublin, Ireland/2007]4:13 
44127Letter Never Sent [Live at the Olympia Dublin, Ireland/2007]3:17 
44128Second Guessing [Live at the Olympia Dublin, Ireland/2007]2:55 
44129Pretty Persuasion [Live at the Olympia Dublin, Ireland/2007]4:26 
45131That Someone Is You [Live in the Studio]1:45