A Gift of Love: Music Inspired by the Love Poems of Rumi

1Valentine to Rumi [Musical Prelude]:56 
2My Burning Heart:59 
4Intoxicated by Love1:53 
5The Lover's Passion1:04 
6Do You Love Me1:33 
7Come to Me1:04 
9The Alchemy of Love1:19 
10Caught in the Fire of Love1:03 
11The Awakening2:24 
12I Am Yours1:07 
13Behind the Scenes:43 
14Looking for Your Face2:11 
15The Meaning of Love1:41 
16Aroused Passion:50 
17Dying to Love2:10 
18The Privileged Lovers1:08 
19Precious Love2:06 
21Defeated by Love:40 
22Lost in the Wilderness2:00 
23The Mythical Lover1:21 
24I Am and I Am Not:56 
25The Agony of Lovers:44 
26The Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent3:25 
27The Mirror:36 
28Look at Your Eyes:19 
29Looking for Love:20 
30Some Kiss:56 
31The Freshness:57 
32My Beloved:28 
33The Hunt:32 
34Desire [Instrumental]3:48 
35A Lover's Madness [Instrumental]3:21 
36The Lover's Passion [Instrumental]3:47