Cornerstone Mixtape

DJ Green Lantern
James D'Agostino (born 1975), better known by his stage name DJ Green Lantern, is a DJ and hip hop music producer from Rochester, New York. In 2002, D'Agostino was signed by Eminem to become the official DJ for Shady Records after DJ Head stepped down for undisclosed reasons. D'Agostino left the la… more »
11V. 19 Intro/Mixtape. Com Intro1:56 
14Bang Bang3:18 
15No Matter What They Say3:15 
16What's That? (Que Eso?) [Green Lantern Mix]4:20 
17Let's Make a Toast4:09 
18Wide Open2:14 
19Deal With a Feeling2:13 
110Ante Up2:40 
111Time's Up [DITC Live]3:06 
112Make Noise2:06 
113Toe to Toe2:32 
114I'm That N****2:23 
115Case of the Ex2:31 
117I Wish [Remix]2:25 
118The Light2:33 
119I Belong to You2:47 
120Bad Boyz2:51 
121Top of the World [Saukretes Rmx]1:24 
122Why We Die2:39 
123The Necklace:58 
124The Watch1:00 
125What Means the World to You1:21 
126It's Ok1:16 
127Things I've Heard Before1:01 
128Get Up1:11 
229Espacio [Radio Mix]3:40 
230What Means the World to You [Clean Version]4:02 
231Bad Man [Radio Mix]4:02 
232I Wish [Remix]5:42 
233The Light [Radio Edit]3:57 
234Flamboyant [Clean]3:04 
235Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)3:52 
236Most Girls [Radio Edit]4:09 
237Did He Really Wanna? [Radio Edit]4:33 
238Hot [Album Version]3:15 
239Girls Dem Sugar [Radio Edit]3:57 
240Do It [Clean Radio Edit]3:53