Bravo Hits, Vol. 31

1Life Is a Roller Coaster3:53 
2She's Got That Light [Orange Mix]3:39 
3Dancing in the Moonlight [Single Version]3:47 
4Josephine [Radio Mix]3:29 
5Two Worlds [Phil Version]2:22 
6We Will Rock You [Single Version]3:09 
7Melody of Life [Radio One Version]4:01 
8Australia [Single Version]3:19 
9Come on Over (All I Want Is You) [Single Version]3:24 
10When I Dream at Night [Radio Edit]3:31 
11It's Gonna Be Me [Single Version]3:13 
12Go Back.. [Radio Edit]3:36 
13Take on Me [Single Version]3:33 
14Gimme Gimme Gimme [Radio Version]3:25 
15Electronic Lady [Single Version]3:36 
16Will I Ever [Radio Edit]3:33 
17I Sings [Radio Edit Without Rap]3:42 
18Absolutely Everbody [Radio Version]3:43 
19Unleash the Dragon [Stargate Radio Version]3:23 
20Case of the Ex3:58 
21Ayman Hit-Medley [Single Version]4:02