What I Believe

Squad Five-O
Squad Five-O is a punk rock band from Savannah, Georgia. Like their initial ska-punk stylings, their name was derived from a cross between the television shows Hawaii Five-O and the The Mod Squad. Between 1997 and 2006 the band grew lyrically and in popularity, and also shifted its style significan… more »
1The Youth (We Are)1:31 
2What I Believe1:35 
4Side by Side:59 
5In Time1:11 
6We're Not Blind1:26 
7These Are the Days1:36 
8Stand Up1:35 
9Take It Back2:02 
10Nice to Meet You1:39 
11Our State Flag1:33 
12Hand Over Fist1:50 
13Always the Same1:23 
14I Wont Forget You1:27 
15No One1:31 
16One Step Ahead1:20 
18Holding Out1:50 
19You Don't Know2:08 
20Kids Today:40 
21United We Stand4:41 
22[Untitled Track]:54 
23[Untitled Track]:44