Moulin Rouge [Original Soundtrack]

11Nature Boy3:25 
12Lady Marmalade4:24 
13Because We Can3:27 
14Sparkling Diamonds2:52 
15Rhythm of the Night3:49 
16Your Song3:38 
17Children of the Revolution2:59 
18One Day I'll Fly Away3:18 
19Diamond Dogs4:34 
110Elephant Love Medley4:13 
111Come What May4:38 
112El Tango de Roxanne4:43 
113Complainte de la Butte3:07 
114Hindi Sad Diamonds3:28 
115Nature Boy4:23 
116Lady Marmalade [Thuderpuss Radio Mix]4:09 
217Your Song [Instrumental]2:28 
218Sparkling Diamonds [Original Film Version]2:52 
219One Day I'll Fly Away [Tony Phillips Remix]5:10 
220The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) [Original Film Version]2:50 
221Come What May [Original Film Version]4:38 
222Like a Virgin [Original Film Version]3:10 
223Meet Me in the Red Room [Original Film Version]2:38 
224Your Song [Instrumental]4:55 
225The Show Must Go On [Original Film Version]3:04 
226Ascension/Nature Boy4:09 
227Closing Credits: "Bolero" [Original Film Version]6:53