Blue Moon of Kentucky 1936-1949

Bill Monroe
William Smith Monroe (September 13, 1911 – September 9, 1996) was an American musician who created the style of music known as bluegrass, which takes its name from his band, the "Blue Grass Boys," named for Monroe's home state of Kentucky. Monroe's performing career spanned 60 years as a singer, in… more »
11My Long Journey Home2:29 
12What Is Home Without Love2:58 
13What Would You Give in Exchange3:12 
14Little Red Shoes2:59 
15Nine Pound Hammer2:13 
16On Some Foggy Mountain Top2:16 
17Drifting Too Far from the Shore3:21 
18In My Dear Old Southern Home2:27 
19New River Train3:38 
110This Is Not My Home2:38 
111Watermelon Hanging on the Vine2:14 
112On the Banks of the Ohio3:28 
113Do You Call That Religion?2:19 
114God Holds the Future in His Hands2:36 
115You've Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley2:13 
116Six Months Ain't Long3:13 
117Just a Song of Old Kentucky2:20 
118Don't Forget Me2:38 
119I'm Going2:08 
120Darling Corey2:09 
121My Savior's Train2:54 
122I Am Thinking Tonight of the Old Folks2:28 
123Dreamed I Searched Heaven for You2:52 
124The Old Cross Road2:37 
125The Forgotten Soldier Boy2:42 
126We Read of a Place That's Called Heaven2:39 
127Will the Circle Be Unbroken2:26 
128The Saints Go Marching In2:52 
129Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms2:25 
230Where Is My Sailor Boy?2:46 
231I Am Ready to Go2:44 
232What Would the Profit Be2:27 
233Some Glad Day2:38 
234I Have Found the Way2:19 
235I Am Going That Way2:24 
236Kate Cline2:17 
237Roll on Buddy, Roll On2:56 
238Weeping Willow Tree3:12 
239I'll Live On2:14 
240Oh, Hide You in the Blood2:52 
241What Would You Give in Exchange, Pt. 22:56 
242Oh That Gospel Ship2:40 
243What Would You Give in Exchange, Pt. 32:54 
244Let Us Be Lovers Again2:52 
245All the Good Times Are Passed and Gone2:42 
246What Would You Give in Exchange, Pt. 42:51 
247On My Way to Glory2:04 
248My Last Moving Day2:56 
249He Will Set Your Fields on Fire3:00 
250Sinner You Better Get Ready2:34 
251Have a Feast Here Tonight2:16 
252Goodbye Maggie3:01 
253Rollin' On1:57 
254The Old Man's Story2:31 
255I've Still Got Ninety-Nine3:09 
256Little Joe2:26 
257A Beautiful Life2:39 
258Pearly Gates2:35 
259On My Way Back Home2:01 
360When Our Lord Shall Come Again2:15 
361Mule Skinner Blues2:43 
362No Letter in the Mail2:40 
363Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord2:28 
364Six White Horses3:02 
365Dog House Blues3:05 
366I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do2:51 
367Katy Hill [Instrumental]2:39 
368Tennessee Blues2:51 
369Shake My Mother's Hand for Me3:05 
370Were You There When They Crucified My Lord2:47 
371Anniversary Blue Yodel [Blue Yodel No. 7]2:53 
372The Coupon Song2:56 
373Orange Blossom Special2:32 
374Honky Tonk Swing [Instrumental]2:31 
375In the Pines3:23 
376Back Up and Push [Instrumental]2:48 
377Rocky Road Blues2:36 
378Kentucky Waltz2:48 
379True Life Blues2:50 
380Nobody Loves Me2:47 
381Goodbye Old Pal2:42 
382Footprints in the Snow2:42 
383I'll Have a New Life2:01 
384Blue Grass Special [Instrumental]2:30 
385Come Back to Me in My Dreams3:00 
386Heavy Traffic Ahead2:52 
387Why Did You Wander2:35 
388Blue Moon of Kentucky1:30 
489Blue Moon of Kentucky3:04 
490Toy Heart2:46 
491Summertime Is Past and Gone2:56 
492Mansions for Me3:15 
493Mother's Only Sleeping3:18 
494California Blues [Blue Yodel No. 4]3:06 
495Will You Be Loving Another Man?2:54 
496How Will I Explain About You?2:55 
497Shining Path2:28 
498Wicked Path of Sin2:41 
499I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky2:59 
4100It's Mighty Dark to Travel2:54 
4101I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling3:01 
4102Little Cabin on the Hill3:01 
4103My Rose of Old Kentucky2:58 
4104Bluegrass Breakdown [Instrumental]2:17 
4105Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong2:49 
4106The Old Cross Road2:43 
4107That Home Above2:54 
4108Remember the Cross3:11 
4109Little Community Church2:47 
4110Along About Daybreak3:07 
4111When You Are Lonely2:46 
4112Molly and Tenbrooks2:45 
4113Shine Hallelujah, Shine2:33 
4114I'm Travelin' on and On2:36 
4115Can't You Hear Me Callin'3:16 
5116Travelin' This Lonesome Road3:12 
5117Blue Grass Stomp2:56 
5118The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band3:16 
5119Kentucky Waltz [Take 2]2:43 
5120True Life Blues [Take 4]2:43 
5121True Life Blues [Take 3]2:48 
5122True Life Blues [Take 2]2:50 
5123Nobody Loves Me1:18 
5124Nobody Loves Me [Take 3]2:52 
5125Nobody Loves Me [Take 1]2:38 
5126Goodbye Old Pal [Take 2]2:27 
5127Footprints in the Snow [Take 2]2:34 
5128Blue Grass Special [Take 2][Instrumental]2:25 
5129Blue Grass Special [Take 3]2:26 
5130Heavy Traffic Ahead [Take 2]2:22 
5131Why Did You Wander [Take 2]2:35 
5132Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD1]1:03 
5133Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD2]1:48 
5134Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take 2]2:56 
5135Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD3]1:27 
5136California Blues [Blue Yodel No. 4][Take]3:28 
5137Will You Be Loving Another Man? [Take 2]2:56 
5138How Will I Explain About You? [Take 2]3:01 
5139How Will I Explain About You? [Take 3]2:59 
5140Wicked Path of Sin [Take 2]2:58 
5141It's Mighty Dark to Travel [Take 2]2:54 
5142I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky [Take BD]:20 
5143I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky [Take 2]2:56 
5144It's Mighty Dark to Travel [Take 3]2:55 
5145Little Cabin Home on the Hill [Take 2]3:10 
6146My Rose of Old Kentucky [Take 2]3:04 
6147Bluegrass Breakdown [Take 2][Instrumental]2:41 
6148Bluegrass Breakdown [Take 3]2:39 
6149Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take 2]3:21 
6150Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take BD1]:17 
6151Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take BD2]1:11 
6152Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take 3]2:58 
6153The Old Cross Road [Take 2]2:44 
6154The Old Cross Road [Take BD2]1:48 
6155The Old Cross Road [Take BD3]1:43 
6156The Old Cross Road [Take 3]2:39 
6157The Old Cross Road [Take BD1]:57 
6158That Home Above [Take BD]1:00 
6159Remember the Cross [Take 2]3:04 
6160Along About Daybreak [Take 2]3:10 
6161Little Community Church [Take 2]2:53 
6162Little Community Church [Take 2]1:59 
6163Along About Daybreak [Take BD]1:51 
6164Molly and Tenbrooks [Take 2]2:24 
6165Shine Hallelujah, Shine [Take 2]2:32 
6166I'm Travelin' on and On [Take 2]2:34 
6167Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 4]3:23 
6168Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 3]3:13 
6169Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take BD]:30 
6170Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 2]3:20 
6171Travelin' This Lonesome Road [Take 2]3:24 
6172Blue Grass Stomp [Take 3][Instrumental]2:27 
6173Blue Grass Stomp [Take BD]:42 
6174Blue Grass Stomp [Take 2]3:17 
6175The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band [Take 3]3:08 
6176The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band [Take 2]3:13