Tunesmith: The Songs of Jimmy Webb

11Love Years Coming2:47 
12I Keep on Keeping On2:27 
13The Worst That Could Happen3:05 
14How Sweet It Is2:36 
15Up, Up and Away2:37 
16The Girl's Song1:49 
18Requiem: 820 Latham3:08 
19Magic Garden2:24 
111Just Another Piece of Paper2:08 
112MacArthur Park7:24 
113If Ships Were Made to Sail2:36 
114Where Does Brown Begin?4:34 
115Song Seller3:32 
116Clowns Exit Laughing3:11 
117When It Was Done3:43 
118She Never Smiles Anymore3:09 
119Do What You Gotta Do4:02 
120Honey Come Back4:19 
121By the Time I Get to Phoenix4:21 
122My Christmas Tree3:18 
123Didn't We2:47 
124Mixed-Up Girl2:30 
225P.F. Sloan4:01 
226Wichita Lineman/By the Time I Get to Phoenix4:17 
227All My Love's Laughter3:23 
228The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress3:05 
230The Name of My Sorrow4:37 
231The Old Man at the Fair3:37 
232Met Her on a Plane3:35 
233All I Know2:25 
2345:30 Plane3:56 
235Cheap Lovin'4:19 
236Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon4:17 
237She Moves, Eyes Follow3:59 
238Oklahoma Nights3:23 
239The Highwayman3:02 
240Himmler's Ring2:30 
241Lost Generation3:19 
242The Last Unicorn3:43 
243Where's the Playground Susie?2:30 
244Wichita Lineman3:15 
245You Can't Treat the Wrong Man Right3:31