International Singles [Box Set]

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known by his stage name, Eminem, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and songwriter. Eminem is from Detroit, Michigan. more »
11My Name Is [Slim Shady Radio Edit]4:30 
12My Name Is [Explicit Version]4:29 
13My Name Is [Instrumental]4:29 
24Guilty Conscience [Radio Version With Gunshots]  
25Guilty Conscience [Album Version]  
26Guilty Conscience [Acappella]  
27My Name Is [Promotional Video]  
38The Real Slim Shady12:25 
39Bad Influence8:47 
310The Real Slim Shady [Instrumental]4:01 
311My Fault [Pizza Mix]16:14 
412The Way I Am [Unedited Version]11:21 
413Kids [Unedited Version]6:14 
414'97 Bonnie & Clyde:57 
415Steve Berman4:54 
416The Way I Am [Multimedia Track]  
517Without Me [Album Version]4:11 
518The Way I Am [Danny Lohner Remix]4:48 
519Without Me [Acappella]15:21 
520Without Me [Instrumental]9:39 
621Sing for the Moment6:26 
622Rabbit Run15:55 
623Sing for the Moment [Instrumental]10:52 
624Sing for the Moment [Multimedia Track]5:46 
725Cleanin' Out My Closet5:33 
727Cleanin' Out My Closet [Instrumental]:46 
728Cleanin' Out My Closet [Multimedia Track]4:22 
829Stan [Radio Edit]16:34 
830Guilty Conscience [Radio Version With Gunshots]11:07 
831Hazardous Youth [Acappella]5:40 
832Get You Mad13:15 
933Lose Yourself  
934Lose Yourself [Instrumental]  
936Lose Yourself [Multimedia Track]  
9378 Mile Movie Trailer [Multimedia Track]  
1039Bump Heads  
1040Business [Acappella]  
1041Business [Live][Multimedia Track]  
1142Wanksta [Eminem's Version][*]