An Everlasting Soul: Anthology

Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis (born Stephen John Ellis, 7 April 1950, Edgware, Middlesex) is an English rock / pop singer, who now lives in Brighton. His biggest success was with the band, Love Affair. They and he are most well known for the songs "Everlasting Love", "A Day Without Love", "Rainbow Valley" and "Bring… more »
11She Smiled Sweetly2:28 
12Satisfaction Guaranteed2:39 
13Everlasting Love2:59 
14Gone Are the Songs of Yesterday2:55 
15Rainbow Valley3:48 
16Someone Like Me3:23 
17A Day Without Love3:12 
18I'm Happy2:18 
19One Road3:08 
110Let Me Know2:29 
111Bringing on Back the Good Times3:23 
112Another Day4:11 
113Baby I Know3:42 
114Accept Me for What I Am3:23 
115The Answer5:20 
116Loot's the Root3:00 
117More, More, More3:22 
119Fat Crow2:29 
120Take Your Love2:28 
121Jingle Jangle Jasmine2:39 
122Have You Seen My Baby2:34 
123Goody Goody Dancing Shoes2:24 
224El Doomo5:10 
225Your Game4:21 
226Good to Be Alive3:26 
227Morning Paper3:21 
228Open Road2:47 
229Leaving in the Morning2:41 
230Loud and Lazy Love Songs3:43 
231Goodbye Boredom4:24 
232On the Road3:05 
233Pin a Rose on Me5:02 
234When I Met You3:52 
235Rag and Bone4:49 
236Save All the Encores3:12 
237Soothe Me2:40 
238Wind and a Lady4:58 
239Hot Lips3:46 
240Song of a Baker3:34 
241Afterglow (Of Your Love)4:53 
242Indian Rope Man [#]3:15 
243I'm Alive [#]4:38