Hollywood Cool

11Under Pressure [From Grosse Pointe Blank]3:57 
12Notorious [From Donnie Darko]3:59 
13I Want Candy [From Napoleon Dynamite]2:43 
14Woo Hoo [From Kill Bill Vol. 1]2:00 
15Lust for Life5:11 
16Rebel Rebel [From Charlie's Angels Full Throttle]4:29 
17Peaches [From Sexy Beast]4:05 
18Mirror in the Bathroom [From Grosse Pointe Blank]3:06 
19Dry the Rain [From High Fidelity]6:05 
110Four to the Floor [Soulsavers Mix]5:11 
111Moving [From East Is East]4:26 
112We Haven't Turned Around [from American Beauty]5:10 
113Too Young [From Lost in Translation]3:16 
114Every You Every Me [From Cruel Intentions]3:34 
115You & Me Song2:50 
116Stuck in the Middle with You [From Resevoir Dogs]3:24 
117Nem Vem Que Nao Tem [From City of God]2:25 
118It's Your Thing [From out of Sight]2:47 
119Green Onions [From Get Shorty]2:54 
120Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)3:20 
121Feel Flows [From Almost Famous]4:30 
222Ghost Town [From Shaun of the Dead]3:39 
223Dreadlock Holiday [From Snatch]4:24 
224Street Life [From Jackie Brown]4:16 
225Machine Gun [From Boogie Nights]2:39 
226Jungle Boogie3:05 
227Gritty Shaker [From Ocean's 11]3:18 
228Fight the Power [Do the Right Thing]4:38 
229Hallelujah [Club Mix]5:37 
230Pension Finally [From Priscilla Queen of the DeSert]3:44 
231Yeke Yeke [Hardfloor Mix]3:55 
232Need to Feel Loved [From It's All Gone Pete Tong]3:14 
233Shallow Grave [From Shallow Grave]4:19 
234Age of Love [Jam & Spoon Watch Out for Stella Mix]3:20 
235Clubbed to Death [From the Matrix]4:48 
236Love on a Real Train [From Risky Business]3:52 
237Music for a Found Harmonium [From It's All Gone Pete Tong]3:36 
238Playground Love [From the Virgin Suicides]3:29 
239Where Do I Begin [From Vanilla Sky]3:53 
240Hands of Time [From Collateral]4:12 
241God Moving Over the Face of the Waters [From Heat]4:56