And I Feel Fine...: The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 [DVD]

R.E.M. was an American rock band from Athens, Georgia, formed in 1980 by singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. One of the first popular alternative rock bands, R.E.M. gained early attention due to Buck's ringing, arpeggiated guitar style and Stipe's … more »
1Wolves, Lower [DVD]  
2Radio Free Europe [DVD]  
3Talk About the Passion [DVD]  
4Radio Free Europe [DVD][Live]  
5Talk About the Passion [DVD][Live]  
6So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) [DVD]  
7James Herbert's "Left of Reckoning" [DVD]  
8Pretty Persuasion [DVD][Live]  
9Can't Get There from Here [DVD]  
10Driver 8 [DVD]  
11Life and How to Live It [DVD]  
12Feeling Gravity's Pull [DVD]  
13Can't Get There from Here [DVD][Live]  
14Fall on Me [DVD]  
15Swan Swan H [DVD]  
16The One I Love [DVD]  
17It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [DVD]  
18Finest Worksong [DVD]