The Minute You're Gone

Sonny James
James Hugh Loden (born May 1, 1929), known professionally as Sonny James, is an American country music singer and songwriter best known for his 1957 hit, "Young Love". Dubbed the Southern Gentleman, James had 72 country and pop chart hits from 1953 to 1983, including a five-year streak of 16 straig… more »
1Minute You're Gone  
2I Guess I'm Crazy  
3Shina No Yoru  
4Gold and Silver  
5I Gotta Have My Baby Back  
6Big Hurts Came from Little White Lies  
7Going Through the Motions (Of Living)  
8Tying the Pieces Together  
10Bad Times a Comin'  
11Tommy Brown  
12Twenty Feet of Muddy Water