Stavento is a Greek Hip-Hop band from Alexandroupoli. Created in 2004 by Michael Quinella (drunkard), Kostas lattes (Akritas) and Eve Kanata. After the second disc Eve left the band and Alexandra Koniak replace her. Continuing the band in the course of time replaced and that the singer which took place Cleopatra Evangelatos after auditions carried out by the band. Diane H has enough experience in the complex existed as "DARLINGS" and then worked at the first major program of entertainment. On departures was added and that of Costa lattes, who was also a cofounder of the shape of Alexandroupolis, who was replaced by John Roussounelos, known until then as Moixo24. The younger generation of members of the scheme continued with the addition of another State, Mars Loumakis, and had been replaced and the shape of DJ Wester, whose place was - as a partner - the Sparky In September 2010 Stavento had 2 new departures, John Roussounelos Loumakis and Mars. The first was replaced by Dope MC known for his participation in "hands up", the famous milk "MILKO". Before creating the Stavento, the Kouninelis and Lattas were members of the group of low bap Active Member, Freestyle Productions, the first being a member of Babylon and the second in Acritans. Responsible for the production and the lyrics appear to be Michael Quinella, nicknamed "ICU". Quickly became known because it introduced new elements into Greek hip hop scene, Juggling several times between hip hop, RnB and rock. Great success with the songs "Beautiful" and "how long". Usually in the single participating various other artists outside of the band like "Before I meet" Shaya and their latest single "As the day comes the" Ivi Adamou. They have released three albums, most recently in "Once upon a time."

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