Grêmio Recreativo Cultural Social Escola de Samba Vai-Vai , popularly known simply as Vai-Vai is a popular samba school from São Paulo, Brazil. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were in the neighborhood Bixiga, at Rua Marques Lion, a football team called Cai-Cai which used the colors black and white, which formed part of a group of crying and played in the field of Lusitana, near the intersection of rock and Una, Saracura River region. around 1928, of friends, led by Livinho and Benedito Sardinha, among them were Henricão, Fredericão, which helped to animate games and parties held by Bandeau, but they were always seen as freeloaders and troublemakers, being dubbed jocular way & quot; class of Vae-Vae & quot;. Driven out of Bandeau, these created the & quot; Block of tattered & quot;, and at the same time, the cord Carnival and Sports which was made official in 1930.

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