Y-O-U, also known as the Pleaserock collective, is a rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, probably most widely known for their collaborations with The Brothers Chaps on projects such as Strong Bad Sings and the karaoke music from strongbad email.exe. In addition, the Chapmans animated a music video for Y-O-U's song "LA Lindsay." Originally from Indiana, the band relocated to Georgia in 2002. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2003. Their next LP, Flashlights, was released on compact disc in January 2007; however, as a promotional tactic, the entire album is also available as a free download via the band's MySpace profile. After a final record was released in the summer of 2009, the band announced its retirement from recording and performing their original music as Y-O-U. Y-O-U is also known for short mockumentaries available on their website, their MySpace page, and YouTube. In December 2006, Y-O-U was named one of the Top 25 Best Bands on MySpace by Rolling Stone.

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