Mister Tap Toe

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Struttin down the street, got rhythm in your shoes
Shufflin' away the blues, Mister Tap Toe
You haven't any time to lose, Mister Tap Toe
Who's the gal you're gonna choose

New straw hat with a candy bar stripe
Sharper than an old tin-type, Mister Tap Toe
The melon on the vine is ripe, Mister Tap Toe
Who you takin out tonight

Where did you get your fancy clothes
The pretty hand painted tie
Cigar stickin' out from under your chapeau
Who're you gonna dance with tonight, Mister Tap Toe

Give a gal a break, I gotta dress that's new
The pavement's big enough for two, Mister Tap Toe
To dance along aside of you, Mister Tap Toe
Tell me what you're gonna do
(Watcha gonna do, Mister Tap Toe)

Mister Happy Tappy Toe (Mister Tap Toe)
I want to go along with you
I've got a shufflin' shoe
We'll dance the whole night through
I wanna go along with you