Pro Nails [Remix][Version]

Kanye West, Kid Sister  Buy

[Chorus: x2]
Got her toes done up, wit her finger nails matchin'
Got her toes done up wit her finger nails matchin'
Got Got her toes done up wit her finger nails matchin'
Toes, toes done up wit her finger nails matchin'

[Verse One]
Shake it up up rock your body and
Make it knock knock when you're partyin'
Take a break break in the audience
Do your footwork break and stop again
I'm lookin' sharp you can't compete with a champ
Steady flickin' I'm holdin' down that law-away rack
Aye, rhinestones all in they face
Gold charms and paper chase
Talk smack from around the way
Gotta put these chicken heads in they place
I ain't rockin' no stupid bapes
Ain't trippin' I'll juke all day
I ain't slippin' cause either way
When I hit the block all the people say


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Aye yo this mutherfuckin' jammin'
I'm on it it's an anthem
Who is that in the phantom?
Please no cameras
They gone have me on concrete-loop in my pajamas
To hide the goods I would need pants big as Hammer's
I be tippin' them dancers
They be sayin' I'm handsome
I was pretty before the dough

But now I'm just the man
You remind me of my old chick
On that eighty four shit
Oh shit
Did you see the way she got her toes did?


[Verse Three]
Girls be so thirsty thirsty
Fast forward to the end of my song
And say third verse me verse me
Whenever I hit block I see
Tricks try to rehearse me hearse me
From manicure sets to silky weaves
They be so grimey, nasty, bogus
Germy, dirty
Uh oh
Sho' did
You ain't slick
Nah, let the pioneer blast my shit
Wait a minute
Hold up
Bubble letters on my butt say "Fresh"
Oops I'm a go
Nails like whoa
Acrylic base
Top all gold
Colors on my nails
To the paint on my toes
Stay fresh I'm accustomed to gold