Lover Come Back [From Lover Come Back]

Doris Day

Fun may be fun
But it's not when the one
That you love has gone

I try to sleep
But the counting of sheep
Goes on and on

Without your kiss
I just cannot exist
From the night til dawn

Lover, lover, lover
Come back

You had me where
I was walking on air
Never touched the ground

Now I have learned
There's a torch to be burned
Since you're not around

I'm gonna place
An ad in the space
Under lost and found

Lover, lover, lover
Come back

I'm like a birdy without it's wings
Like a pupper without it's strings
I'm not anything without you my love

Thinking about you
And being without you
Is what it took

Now I'm all set
Gonna go out and get you
By hook or crook

Whoever said they
Like crawling in bed
With a real good book

I've made my conclusion
I know what I lack
There's no substitution
So please hurry back

Lover, lover, lover
Lover, lover, come on back
Come on back
Lover, come back