Growing Pains

Doris Day  Buy  License   

One day your momma drops the hem of your skirt,
Next day you give up yelling, "What's for desert?";
You can't explain it, but you're one solid hurt,
Baby, you've got growin' pains!

Your Christmas penny doesn't look half so bright,
Poppa's not president since maybe tonight,
When you're not quite sure that mom's always right,
Baby, you've got growin' pains!
Nothin's wrong, just growin' pains,
And they never hurt too long!

When there are cobwebs in dreams that you weave,
When there's no magic in the words "make believe",
When doubt comes peepin' out and tugs at your sleeve,
Baby, you've got growin' pains!

When you come home from school and don't slam the door,
Slide down the bannisters or slide 'cross the floor,
When you don't cry for every toy in the store,
Baby, you've got growin' pains!
They're not bad,
Just growin' pains you'll be awfully glad you had!