That Was a Big Fat Lie [#]

Ernie Felice Quartet, Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra, Doris Day

When you look at me that way, I must believe the things you say,
Why, if you told me night was day, I wouldn't doubt it.
Baby, if you told me that the world I thought was round, was flat,
Not one of my eyelids would bat, I'm easily touted.
But when it comes to matters of the heart,
I, and my belief in you, just part

I kind of believed you when you said your nights were lonely,
Til the day that I came by.
But when you whisper'd that I was your one and only -
That was a big fat lie.

I should have been wiser than I was and seen right thro' you,
But the moon got in my eye.
That stuff about "I never lived until I knew you" -
That was a big fat lie.

You must have started to fib when you were wearing a bib,
And such a habit's hard to break.
A little lie is OK, but when you lie night and day,
That's more than even I can take.

You told me we ought to marry and I let you sway me,
Kissed my happy days â??goodbye',
And when you told that man you' d honour and obey me
That was a big fat lie
An over exaggeration of a super prevarication of a big fat lie!