'Tis Harry I'm Plannin' to Marry [From Calamity Jane]

Doris Day, Howard Keel  Buy  License   

When you turn to the subject of Harry
That's a horse from a different safari.
He can box like a fox, he's as dumb as an ox
But it's Harry I'm planning to marry

(Yes, it's Harry she's plannin' to marry)

My heart's twined around his suspenders
He's the one that I truly adore
I'm numb, I succumb when he renders
The face on the bar room floor

When he flexes his muscles, I flutter
Like a butterfly caught in a shutter
When he calls me his mate
I just disintegrate

Since the world first began (Since the world first began)
Never been such a man (Never been such a man)
Who could love like he can
So it's Harry I'm planning to marry!