You Don't Know

Missy Elliott, Lil' Mo  Buy

Now see, the one thing I like about the n****s
Is that they can fess up to one of they boys
That they been sleepin' with the same chick, and laugh about it
But see, a woman, could never admit to another woman
That she been sleepin' with her man
'Cause if that ever happened to me
I would call your house and be like, yo

Don't you gotta man
Why you f***in' with mine
See, I been through bad times
Get yo' mind off mines

You must be lonely
Why you messin' with me
But it won't be easy
To get my baby

You don't know who you messin' with
Most of them leave with they car doors bent
I'm so pissed, you gon? make me flip
I'm a teach you not to touch my s***

Above While:
[Missy] Hello?
[Mo] Hello?
[Missy] Who dis?
[Mo] It's Mo'
[Missy] For Real?
[Mo] Hello?

[Lil Mo]
I be callin' his house, when you're not around
Don't make me warn you, you know how I get down, down
Somebody told me, but I ain't trippin' off you, no
If you were doing your thang, he'd still be wit? you

[Mo] Hello?
[Missy] You know who this is b****, heh, yeah
[Mo] Yo, who dis for real, man, hello?
[Missy] You know who it is

[Lil' Mo]
2 - I can't believe you would ever do that
Can?t you show me some respect
Is it 'cause you jus? a reject
Gotta keep your a** in check

Repeat above While:
[Mo] Hello?
[Missy] Hello?
[Mo] What
[Missy] Yo who dis for real, man
[Mo] Yo, this is Mo', this is Mo'
[Missy] You playin' a little bit too much, you knowumsayin'?
[Mo] Yo, this ain't no game
This is not a game
[Missy] Oh, ok
[Mo] Yeah, what?
[Missy] You on some real bulls*** now
You know, you know what?
Why don't you just come to my house, b****, you know?
[Mo] Yeah, I come through, yo, where you live at?
[Missy] Ask your n**** where I stay at
[Mo] Please, he ain't got nutin' to do with this
[Missy] He know
[Mo] He ain't got nutin' to do with this
[Missy] He know
Ask him where I live at, aight?
[Mo] You on that same stuff you was on last year
When I hadda come through there last year, what
And I'd do it again, 'cause I want, I, I got comin'
[Missy] You ain't keepin nutin' in check
And keep him from around my house, b****
[Mo] Please, I'mma beat that a**, you know I will

You don't know who you messin? with
Most of them leave with their car doors bent
Blow out you like I'mma air vent
I?ma teach you not to touch my s***

Repeat above while:
[Missy] Hello?
[Mo] Trick, you know who this is, don't' front
[Missy] Yeah, I'mma teach you not to touch my s***

[Missy] (Timbaland)
You done took it too far (Uh oh)
I?mma hop in my car and I?mma you up b****
You done took it too far (Uh oh)
I?mma hop in my car and I?mma you up b****
You done took it too far (Uh oh)
I?mma hop in my car and I?mma you up b****
You done took it too far (Uh oh)

[Lil? Mo]
'cause I'm that chick yo, that same chick
But I ain't wit? playin? that game s***
Start callin? that name s***
And I?ma get on that same s***
That new s***, that call your crew s***
That what you want to do s***
That boy is yours, keep that n****
Beat my a**? Prove it

You been suckin? his dick
Tastin? my clit
Just a side chick, on the side b****
I'm the prize b****, keep it silent
don't make me violent
You be dialin? 911 to tell the family

[Lil? Mo]
Around yo? crew, you?s a bad b****
Yo a** be talkin? mad ish
Toe to toe shoot the five
Girl you get yo a** kicked
What you think I'm gaming?
S*** is real, I ain't playin?
(No more "Have My Baby")
Yo, I got yo' moms prayin?

It?s gonna get risky
F*** wit? Missy
I?mma shoot you where your ribs be
So you can feel me
ain't it real be ?
And you filthy and you mildy
Not appealin?, drum roll

Uh oh, heh heh heh
You done done it now
Uh oh, you done done it now
she's mad, what
she's mad,
I?mma let them two girls fight
While I'm out