Rolling Back to You

Codie Prevost

I could drive this car till the wheels fell off
In the middle of nowhere
Hop a plane and fly till I got lost
And wonder how I got there
Catch a rocket ride up to the moon
And disappear into thin air
No matter where I run
I keep coming home

Like a sunrise waking up every city in the world
Like a song that's ringing true I wanna sing it for you
Like the gravity that pulls the tide and keeps it rolling in
I keep Rolling Back To You
I'm Rolling Back To You

I could loose my shirt in Timbuktu
Broken up and busted
Wander through this world without a clue
And never get adjusted
But if I lost my mind I'd still find you
'Cause I've always trusted
This perfect Chemistry
It's got a hold on me

If the rest of the rest of the world could feel the way we do
They'd all be singing too