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If they crims and got cold and blue and they Chase this scream for hard and used but tonight,
Toniiight, I'm gold
Search for purple through
Blue and red berries
We lay down on this
Like the bed of tonight Tonight I'm gold
I'm go ooh ooh old
Colors fadeback this
Nag will stay hero
Arms are lied to them Certains grey
She's got darkened Wants go deeper and
Love comes closer and Hearts get weaker


So she whispers and to my ear Words are spoken all I hear for tonight,
Tonight, I'm gold

Rose seem longer in
Life gets harder when
Wars gets crossed in
Life gets broken Fears gets all Hearts now has bruises Words seems smaller when
I'm sadder

I'm gold
I'm gold
Yes, I'm go ooh oh ooh old
Oh, I'm go ooh ooh old
Yes, I'm go ooh old