Over and Over


The truth be known
the magic's back in my heart again
It's sad I know
You leap up before me
Are you back now to haunt me?
On just one night when I pushed you aside
I knew what was done was done
Well if I knew then
Just what I know now
That I'd lose you
As I couldn't tell you
How I need you
I need you

Well its a funny old world
When you're so long on your own

And you fall in love
Well, in and out of love again
Well it's wrong, wrong, wrong
I've been on my own for too long
Yes it's wrong, wrong, wrong
To be on your own for so long

I think of you, think of you, everyday
Do you think of me, think of me, ever?
I count every day you're gone away
I count them all, I do
Over and over and over and over