Do Re Mi [Acoustic][#]


If I may,
If I might,
Let me down, we've been,
If I say what is life,
I might be dreaming,
If I may what is right, Summon time too see me,
He lives in his bonnet,
A face from his pocket, Chains mowing life from trees.

Do Re Mi.
If I may,
If I might,
Wake me up, see me,
If I do and if I lie,
Find me out see me,
If I may cold as ice,
I may have too see me,
The ways in his socket,
The face from his moment,
The chains from his socket,

Do Re Mi.
Wish me good,
Wish me light,
Find me out, see me,
If I may just be quiet, Follow hate and be me, Hello and if I sigh, Shake me out; TV,
If I may and if I might, Gotta gun to bleed,
Rays in his pocket,
Rays from his wallet, Chains from his armor,
Am I deep?

Do Re Mi.